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Extrax Gummies

Coming in at whopping 7,000MG per jar/350MG per gummy the Adios Blend is only for the experienced user. Containing a magic blend of THCA, Delta9P, and Live Resin this gummy hits like no other. 

Available flavors: Blue Razz Lemonade, Passion Punch, Strawberry Colada, Purple Punch and Watermelon Bubble Gum


This wonderful company specially formulates each gummy with thoughtful usage of cannabinoids so you get the exact experience you desire.

You can usually find Flowstate, Dreams, Zen, Euphoria (in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa) ,Cloud9, Bliss, Elevate and Day Trip in our store. Our highly educated budtenders would be more than happy to help find the gummy best formulated for your desires!


Specializing in helping there consumers get creative an active as well as relaxed. These gummies come in three flavors and will absolutely deliver

Peach-Relax- 200mg CBN, 100mg D9

Blackberry-Relax- 400mg D8

Mango-Flourish- 100mg D9, 200mg HHC

Baked Edibles

Choxxee cookies

Grab your milk! These chocolate cream filled cookies are the perfect imposter. Dosed at 10mg D9 per cookie, but sold in a pack of 10. Perfect for sharing… or not! We won’t tell on you;)  (crafted by Burning Acre)

cake bites

Another wonderful Burning Acre product! Available in a world of flavors and ranging from 25-50mg, these are the cake pops you actually want! (crafted by Burning Acre)

mellow mallows

Inspired by the classic snap,  crackle, pop, coming in at a whopping 400mgs of D9, offering 3 different flavors this crispy treat is sure to send you to the moon! Look for Peanut Butter, Maple Bacon and Original! (crafted by Burning Acre)


Burning Acre

Based in Columbia, TN, Burning Acre supplies us with our Luxury baked goods and recently started offering us chocolate bars as well! Every Chocolate bar being a full 120mg of D9. Eat a little or a lot, it’s sure to promote complete relaxation.  Cosmic Crunch, Horchata, Birthday Cake, Choxxee&Cream, Strawberry and Milk chocolate are some of the flavors you’ll find in our store!


Bhumi is a wonderful woman owned business that definitely knows what they’re doing! Formulating each chocolate bar, using various cannabinoids to target specific needs, Bhumi is sure to have a chocolate you’ll enjoy! Full bars ranging from 75mg-350mg while also offering sample squares. Tiramisu, Pomegranate, and peppermint are just some of the flavors you’ll find in our store!



Takeoff Edibles

take off snacks


the Habit Grenade

available in 3 different flavors, these little guys are our strongest beverage yet!

Rebel Rabbit

Looking for some unwinding and relaxation but don’t want a hang over? Maybe you wanna hang out with your friends but genuinely just hate beer!? Rebel Rabbit is the “where have you been all my life” answer you’ve been waiting for! Available in D9 & D8 options as well as Mild and Wild versions. These citrus seltzers are everything you’ve ever needed. 

Hectare's soda

Oh no, did I loose you at seltzer when reading about rebel rabbit!? Have no fear!!! Hectares has our back with a full flavor stone fruit soda!! Perfectly combining the flavors of all the stone fruits you can think of, this soda is absolutely scrumptious! Only 5mg D9, so have one or a few, its up to you! 

Hectare's shots

We get it! Sometimes 5mg isn’t enough, or maybe 3mg sounds like the perfect amount to just take the edge off. Hectare’s saved the day again, bringing us 4 different levels and flavors of shots!

Aunt Tea

Find your perfect blend, unwind and feel good with Aunt Teas