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available in Hermitage

Bangers & Mac


Purple zkittlez


Pixie Stix


Maui Wowie


Garlic COcktail

Indica dominant hybrid

White Cherry Guava

Indica Dominant Hybrid

available in madison

Purple zkittlez


Maui Wowie


Pixie Stix


Neapolitan Crunch


Garlic COcktail

Indica dominant hybrid

White Cherry guava

Indica Dominant Hybrid


Currently available

(pre rolls rotate much faster than flower. most strains should be available at both stores but feel free to call before you visit)


Bruce Banner

Chem De La Chem

White Widow

Black Cherry Gelato

Shamrock Shake

Peaches N Cream

Trash Panda

Wedding Cake

Pineapple Pez

Lemon Drop

Garlic Cocktail

Chem Dawg

Han Solo


need more? get more!

We are now offering our flower in quarter pounds, half pounds, and whole pounds.


The strains we currently have available are:


-Indoor Sex Panther High THCa – 28.141% – Sativa

-Indoor Han Solo High THCa – 27.376% – Indica

-Indoor White Cherry Guava High THCa – 22.824% – Hybrid 

-Indoor Granddaddy Purple High THCa – 21.566% – Indica


-Indoor Gian Carlo OG High THCa – 25.143% – Hybrid

-Indoor Lemon Drop High THCa – 25.801% – Sativa 

-Indoor Sour Garlic Cookies Living Soil High THCa – 18.628% – Indica 

-Indoor Black Cherry Gelato Hydroponic High THCa – 22.747% – Indica 

-Indoor Peaches & Cream Living Soil High THCa – 19.045% – Sativa 

-Indoor Pineapple Pez Living Soil THCa – 19.266% – Sativa

-Indoor Blue Unicorn Living Soil High THCa – 24.224% – Hybrid 

-Indoor Apple Jacks Living Soil High THCa – 19.142% – Hybrid 

-Indoor Chemdawg Living Soil High THCa – 17.499% – Indica 

-Indoor MAC #1 Living Soil High THCa – 24.487% – Hybrid

-Indoor Gorilla Cookies Living Soil High THCa – 15.248% – Sativa

-Indoor Garlic Cocktail Living Soil High THCa – 25.011% – Indica 

-Indoor Neapolitan Crunch Living Soil High THCa – 25.036% – Hybrid

-Indoor Bruce Banner Living Soil High THCa – 22.936% – Sativa

Please give us a call for pricing and other inquires at: 615-583-9527