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cause & medic

The ultimate head to toe self care kit; featuring chapstick, body butter, massage oil, and facial cleansing spray!

This CBD infused line of skin care isn’t made to alter your headspace but it does relive muscle and joint pain in ways icy hot just can’t.

& rollers

This CBD infused lotion is not made to alter you mental state by any means. Infused lotion relieves pain in a way only ice just simply cannot. We also carry menthol and lavender infused rollers promote pain relief and serenity!


CBd tinctures

These THC free fast acting tinctures are a great option for finding relief without being hard on the lungs or leaving a lingering odor. 

Pet care

calming chews & Tinctures

Whether you have an over active baby or and good old boy who could just use a little pain relief, these bites are a great way to have your pup feelin nice and relaxed.