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Culture Canna

Come discover what makes us the best Cannabis Dispensary & Consumption Lounge in Nashville! #forthecannaculture

who are we?

Culture Canna is your community cannabis dispensary and consumption lounge. We’re committed to providing the best cannabis experience in Nashville.

What sets us apart? Top quality products, experienced staff, exceptional customer service and a thoughtfully curated lounge environment make us the premier dispensary and consumption lounge and the first choice of cannabis enthusiasts.

We invite you to visit our locations in Hermitage and Madison to experience Culture Canna vibe for yourself! #forthecannaculture

The Consumption Lounge

The bar and consumption lounge is where it all goes down! At Culture Canna it’s all about the vibe! We’ve creating a no-pressure atmosphere where customers can relax, ask questions, sample products and find what works for them.

We also host a variety of cannabis themed events each month designed to connect and engage with the community around the benefits of cannabis.

Our events include comedy shows, puff and paint sessions, open mic ciphers, cannabis educational events, yoga and even art therapy.

Check out our event page for upcoming events and information on how to rent the spaces.

Upcoming Events

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We have cultivated relationships with the best local producers as well as growers from medicinal states to source the highest quality cannabis flower available in the market. 

We specialize in THCa flower only. You won’t find anything “infused” here! 


Our collection of premium THCa and Live Rosin vape products provide the most flavorful balance of terpene profiles and cannabinoid blends available! We strive to offer the widest selection of strains in both carts and disposable pens.


Our extracts are produced by using only the finest cannabis plants and highest quality extraction methods to produce some of the most potent and flavorful extracts available.

We carry a rotating selection of diamonds, crumble, wax and sauce. 

We can also press live rosin in-store using the Nugpress.


Whether your preference is baked edibles, gummies, chocolate, candy or infused drinks, our selection of edibles is second to none! Our edible line is expertly crafted to provide the most flavorful and enjoyable cannabis experience.


We offer a full line of the highest-quality therapeutic CBD products produced in the United States. From oral tinctures to topicals, and even pet treats, our line of therapeutic products is curated to provide our customers with array of options.


Discover our featured products, carefully curated by our highly educated staff to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re a medical user seeking relief or a recreational enthusiast looking for a good time, our exceptional selection has something for everyone.

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